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English abstract

Av: Ivar Frønes.  Seniorforsker ved Nasjonalt utviklingssenter for barn og unge / Professor i sosiologi ved UiO (2019)

The article emphasizes that modern child poverty must be understood as far more than children living in families with less than 60% of the median income, which is the definition of poverty that dominates the debate in Norway. The problem with a purely economic understanding is not only that the Norwegian level of prosperity involves a poverty threshold much higher than in other countries, but that this perspective does not grasp the dynamics of modern child poverty. At the core of child poverty is what is termed developmental poverty, referring to factors producing inequality in aspects of learning, social-emotional and cognitive development. Children's differentials in abilities and possible developmental poverty rest on an interplay of factors in the family and close environments. The article seeks to identify factors that create developmental poverty and strategies to combat it.    Redaktør: Beate Steinkjer

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