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Adolescent Health in the Nordic Region Health promotion in school settings

Pupil health is an important part of the educational activities in Nordic schools. One major challenge regarding pupils’ well-being is mental health.

With this report, our aim is to inspire everyone who, in some way, works with pupils. The report concerns how we in the Nordic region can work in schools to promote pupils’ positive mental health. We present general initiatives reaching everyone in a school environment, rather than specific initiatives for individuals. Another important thing we emphasise is the importance of giving children and young people the tools they need to help take control over their mental health.

Positive changes can come from many directions, and sometimes it can be enough with small changes in a single school. For example, it might be sufficient with organised activities in the breaks to prevent anyone feeling excluded, or by introducing reading ambassadors. In a wider perspective, at national level, it may concern incorporating a health component in schoolwork, as is the case in Iceland.

Sweden, Finland and Norway are forerunners in research on bullying. The Finnish antibullying programme, KiVA, has a scientific basis, and is constantly being evaluated and developed by researchers. The result is that fewer children are subjected to bullying, which can be important for their health for the rest of their lives. Read the article about KiVA in this report.

The Nordic researchers in the HBSC network, Health Behaviour in School-aged Children, have been monitoring pupil health for 30 years. The study has provided outstanding and detailed information that enables us to monitor how children are feeling and implement changes where necessary. The researchers in the HBSC network explain in this report how the network provides opportunities for collaboration in the Nordic region, and give their personal reflections on trends in pupil health.

In our report, we take up these issues and examples. We hope you will enjoy reading about inspiring examples and exciting initiatives about how we, in different parts of the Nordic region, are working to improve pupils’ mental health.

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År: 2019 Utgiver: Nordic Welfare Centre Av: Eva Franzèn

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